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Partners and Sponsors


Business Description: Golf at the 19th established an exclusive digital partnership with CANSA to bring a new dimension and value to golf challenges. The value of these challenges lies in the engagement of players and spectators alike over the duration of a tournament.

Company Background: Golf at the 19th is a South African based company who provides significant value in terms of brand exposure, cancer awareness and contribution to social responsibilities.  We create value for your Company’s brand across the board in collaboration with IHP (Inside Half Productions) who is a specialized Gaming Industry leader and hosting company specializing in relationship management between corporate and/or business needs and the gaming fraternity as a strategic outsourced partner.

Products/Services: Our team members are renowned for their networking as well as marketing and advertising skills and knowledge. In this ever changing business environment we assist our clients to connect and communicate their message to consumers on an individual level.

Each client receives a very personal service ensuring the business objectives are reached through the following action steps.

  1. A study into the current business requirement
  2. A comprehensive list of relevant opportunities and possibilities available
  3. An evaluation of what business expects as a return on their investment
  4. Cost for each of the implementation plans
  5. Documentation detailing the accepted proposal
  6. An ongoing evaluation scorecard

Reaching your vision is a process of continual reflection and taking the necessary time to re-evaluate business processes and priorities to deal with any challenges that may arise. Our vision is to join you on this journey and add great value to your objectives and becoming a valuable partner to your business in years to come.

Special Know-how: The characteristics that set our company apart from the competition are our unique fresh out of the box concepts, professional reporting, administration and specialist technical expertise.

Golf at the 19th brings to South Africa a truly specialist Computer Event Hosting Company. The company formed from two single ventures combining to deliver powerful solutions and technical experience based on more than 30 years of combined experience in the IT and commercial industries.

Our professionalism has led to a number of personal referrals. With management that is passionate about its objectives and having the enthusiasm and determination to achieve them, our team have been involved with organizing, executing, maintaining and supplying technical expertise for national events and local legs of international events where 60 to more than 2000 PC’s are networked together simultaneously. This has been done with very short lead times and without fault with great reviews and feedback for the past 10 years.